Bespoke - Westfield Retail Tech Community

Creative direction, UX design, brand elements, copywriting

Since its inception, Bespoke's main objective has been to be San Francisco's leading tech-retail community. Westfield-managed Bespoke is divided into three sections: Demos, Events and Coworking—all under Westfield San Francisco's roof on Level 4. A year after its inauguration, all three areas proved to be a success (not bad for a project Westfield once called "a grand experiment").

Among all the building and planning for the Bespoke physical space were the digital assets. My role was to creative direct the digital properties, design the Bespoke brand ID, marketing website, coworking member site and develop experiential concepts and tools for utilizing the large interactive digital screens in Demos.

Lots to share here, so let's start with the marketing website and brand ID.

The Bespoke website has taken on many iterations since its launch but was originally envisioned as a sort of digital brochure to build help build excitement of its unique standing and inauguration. The logo and tagline for Bespoke had already been created by another agency and it was up to me to help determine how the rest of the brand identity would flush out. We wanted something smart but quirky that would appeal to the local startup culture. We went for authentic photography, subdued colors and a collection of retro-pop icons. I began to put the pieces together and inspired by Apple's original 'Think Different' ad campaign, wrote a few lines to kick off the experience. Below, is the original home page with copy.

Original homepage for Bespoke website

Next, we turned to Coworking which needed a member's portal. As part of the design process, I typically like to tell a story using a combination of storyboards, UI mockups and factoids from research that support the vision. Before reality slaps down hard, I always feels it's important to consider all opportunities. Below is some sample documentation showing the personas and a couple of storyboards from a Bespoke Coworking presentation.

Personas developed for Bespoke Demos based on research

Storyboard depicting a day-in-the-life-of a Bespoke Coworking member

After some research and decision maging, we began to design the Coworking portal using the same brand ID established with the marketing website.

Proposed dashboard for Bespoke Coworking members

Mockup of Bespoke Coworking meeting room reservation page

Last, was Demos, although in truth, we were working on all three of Bespoke’s areas at once. Demos was divided into two areas facing the corridor and Coworking area on Level 4 of San Francisco Centre. The larger of the two sections was comprised of three giant interactive screens that were originally intended as part of rentable space for product events. Next to this area, was a smaller space with three vertical interactive touch screens that Westfield leased for on-going product demos. An experience design template was formulated with two outside screens, that initially served to draw people over to the space, and a center screen that would provide branding, basic messaging and user options for brand or product exploration. Did I mention they were touch screens?

Concept for how an interactive sponsorship might work at Demos

Below are some photos of the actual Demos and Events space showing the large interactive screens and Bespoke brand elements. It has been rewarding to see Bespoke's vitality, passion and excitement grow over the years.

Example of Bespoke brand identity displayed next to entrance of Events

The three large motion detecting interactive screens in Demos.

To the far right, barely seen are the large touch screens.

Bespoke overview video