Westfield Airports 'Time Flies' Mobile App Prototype

UX design, visual design

Working for Westfield Labs has exposed me to many industries such as commercial real estate, architectural design, retail, fashion and airports. Westfield manages concessions in various airports and has also led some remarkable remodels in terminals like LAX Tom Bradley. Westfield has also invested in finding and testing ways to better connect travelers to the airport using digital. I was fortunate to be a part of many brainstorm sessions. One of those prototypes that we built was for an app dubbed, 'Time Flies.'


The concept of Time Flies was to offer passengers a stress-free method of getting to their gate on time while also providing personalized recommendations for airport shopping and dining. By helping to alleviate the stress associated with catching a flight, the assumption was travelers would be more open to exploring the airport concessions and services that Westfield manages. Using GPS and airport/airline data, users would have

a digital airport assistant to help guide them through unforeseen obstacles such as delayed flights, freeway traffic, limited parking, long security lines, navigation to gate, etc.

The card-based UI worked like a vertical timeline anticipating your next step and allowing the user to look ahead at important junctures, like the security line wait. Layered into the smart utility were personalized dining and product recommendations indicating walk times and concession wait times.

The general concept was first explored using wireframe screen flows. Once the concept was approved, other user flows were included and flushed out. Because of the many intricate interaction states (card flips, modals, maps, etc.) a working prototype was built to experiment with the best use of native iOS controls.

A series of wireframes created to show the general concept for the 'Time Flies' airport mobile app


Trip itinerary


Trip journey / timeline

Card detail