Westfield Consumer Website and Mobile App

Creative direction, interaction design

The Westfield Shopping Center’s consumer website and mobile app design was another opportunity for a complete makeover. For this project, my role was Creative Director working with an outside agency to create the site architecture, main menu and key screen templates. We explored various directions and settled on a card style to represent various shopper deals, events and other promotions. We also employed other interactive elements throughout the site and app to make user browsing the product catalog was easy. The biggest challenge was creating a “template” for

both web and mobile that could be used by all of Westfield’s global centers. Like the corporate website, we wanted to bring users into the mall by showing time-lapse video of the property on the homepage followed by a Pinterest-like layout of features, deals and events. The original visual direction called for studio product shots interspersed with lifestyle images outside the mall. The main navigation was kept light and structured around easy-to-understand action words such as 'visit,' 'shop,' 'eat,' and 'see.' Other added features included center maps and movie schedules.

Originally proposed homepage of Westfield San Francisco Centre

Mobile app home screen and secondary screen